Collecting strategic data
about your customer

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Knowing your visitors is the first step for improving your business.

How many visitors enter the store? Are they males or females?  What is their age? How is your target customer?


What is the best and worst hour? What is the best day for my target customer?

What is the best day for females with 24-30 age?

What is my rush hour or day for managing my employees?



WonderStore can measure a lot of funnels.

From shop windows to the cash register, or from a display to the cash register. Or how many males or females visit the second floor?



Dwell time is another KPI to measure the effectiveness of a lot of store scenarios.

The shop windows, the areas, the displays and more.



WonderStore technology is able to extract the main facial features of your visitors. From age and gender to emotions, glasses, make-up and more. 


WonderStore permit you to manage your WORLD WIDE stores from a single point of entrance: DATA DASHBOARDS.

Now you can take decisions.





WonderStore is the only technology that allows to measure automatically the effectiveness of your communication campaigns. How?

By measuring the target that enters your Stores. Do you have launched a new product for ladies between 25 and 30 with a campaign in TV, Radio and Billboards?

With WonderStore in the POS you are able to see whether your target is coming to the Stores with high precision: you can see whether your target stops looking at the shop windows and / or enters to touch, feel and even buy the new product.


Experimenting with various communication channels you can even discover which channel is the most efficient or which message is the right one for your target.

Loyalty Cardless

Would you like to offer a service or special reception for your top/vip customers?

WonderStore can recognise a registered customer and is able to warn the Store staff when he/she enters the Store. All information about the customer will be sent on the smartphone or tablet of the shop assistant in order to provide a unique shopping experience.


WonderStore is easily integrated with your CRM, so the Store Manager has access to data of recognised, in-store customers at any time.


From that moment on, WonderStore can recognise the customer and send special offers, targeted content or simply a discount at the cash register.



Once a customer registers with a selfie, WonderStore can use information about that customer’s in-store journey to tailor their online experiences, and vice versa. Once a customer registers with a selfie, WonderStore can use information about that customer’s in-store journey to tailor their online experiences, and vice versa.


  • WonderStore is present in Microsoft’s OCP co-sell catalogue

  • Azure Cloud Services

  • Power BI

  • WonderStore is certified Iot Market Ready Solution

  • Industry-grade Computer Vision acceleration hardware

  • OpenVINO platform for AI/CV acceleration

  • Industry-grade Machine Vision Cameras



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