Nothing is more frustrating than wondering “what does this mean?” or “where did this data come from?” By providing context everywhere, WonderStore Storytelling Analytics makes it easy for everyone to understand what they're seeing. From glossaries and global definitions to chart explanations and tips for interpretation, WonderStore Platform is built for “ah ha!” instead of “huh?” experiences.

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Companies use WonderStore analytics to create better snapshots of their target demographics. By harnessing sales data, retailers can identify their ideal customers according to diverse categories such as age, preferences, buying patterns, location, and more. By prioritizing retail analytics basics that focus on the process and not exclusively on data itself, companies can uncover stronger insights and be in a more advantageous position to succeed when attempting to predict business and consumer needs.

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Marketing Effectiveness

Let’s imagine your Brand is launching a new line of personalized accessories. 

Well, when do you want to launch your promotional campaign? Do you want to pour resources into promoting the accessories at lunch, when customer analytics tell you your primary demographic is people between the ages of 30 and 55? 

Personalized accessories are primarily bought by customers between the ages of 18 to 29, and our in-store data shows that this group makes up the majority of weekend visitors. 

Therefore, it makes far more sense to run the campaign on Saturday, then say Wednesday at 1:30 PM.

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Build it once, use it everywhere

Whether your users are on a phone, tablet, or website, Toucan makes distribution simple. Build once and deploy to anything, even wall displays and kiosks — it all stays in sync.

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Some platforms look great on the desktop, but on mobile? Not so much. WonderStore is responsive & adaptive by design. Mobile or fixed, big or small — WonderStore delivers an amazing experience everywhere.