Thermal camera

In-store analytics



WonderThermal collects data about visitors’ temperature and mask adoption.

And it secures in-store analytics based on people’s biometric data: gender, age, emotional reactions, dwell time.

Integrated safety and analytics


Temperature scanner

The thermal camera checks the temperature of each person accessing the store. If the temperature exceeds the level specified by the safety regulations, it will trigger an alert.

Face mask check

The computer vision camera signals the access of

anyone not wearing a mask through an alert.

The essential tool to provide your store with

the safety you need to reopen with COVID-19.

In-store analytics

. It categorizes the visitors based on gender and age.

. It reports the dwell time of each person in specific areas of the store

. It studies people’s reactions to various in-store situations

  (surprise, interest, focus).

. It works out the days and hours of major traffic.

WonderStore is the essential solution

to reopen in the Shut-in economy era:

- monitoring the store safety

- collecting key business KPI’s


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