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Intel believes that data is dramatically shaping the future
of all humankind.
Intel is working relentlessly to unleash the potential of data, leading to more capable and efficient networks, and pervasive AI across smart devices. Moore’s Law set the pace for the digital revolution and continues to inspire us today.


improvementin shop-window
conversion for existing customers

Responsive retail for a relevant customer experience

Staying competitive in fashion retail requires outstanding customer experience for
demanding consumer segments. Understanding customers—what they’re wearing
and how they interact with the retail environment—is key to increasing buy conversion.

Now, WonderStore, powered by Intel® technologies, allows retailers to collect more data than ever about their customers, with a 16 percent improvement
in shop-window conversion for existing customers.

How it work in brief

To reduce training times associated with developing deep learning models, WonderStore tapped into the deep ecosystem of Intel technologies. Using Intel DevCloud, WonderStore reduced training times 50 percent compared to on-premises servers.1 WonderStore leveraged the pretrained deep learning models included with the Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit to rapidly improve the quality and performance of its visual recognition features, like its head pose model.
Using Intel DevCloud for the Edge, WonderStore allows developers to use their preferred framework for deep learning, then easily convert the models to run in production without code changes. Developers can rapidly iterate on new models for inference from video or images, with scalable storage that easily accommodates large data sets, and leverage pretrained models to quickly develop new solutions, like the Brand Detector, on top of existing ones.



“WonderStore uses Intel®
DevCloud for the Edge to train
models with data sets of over
30,000 pictures in half the time
vs. on-premise servers.1
Intel® DevCloud for the Edge
allows us to choose our hardware
configuration to optimize
training, enabling us to create
vertical CV models for each
customer’s needs.”

                                          — CTO, WonderStore