Brick-and-mortar Retail Innovations with WonderStore and Machine Learning

In 30m we will demystify how Machine Learning and WonderStore work in Retail by going through a real demo that show you how to:

  • increase the window conversion rate (how well does the storefront draw in shoppers)

  • increase shop entrance to sale conversion rate

  • lower operational running cost

  • plan your staffing better

We'll focus especially on brick-and-mortar retailers, who traditionally have found it difficult to collect information on their customers. Loyalty programs have helped to some extent, but most shop visitors don’t sign up for them, leaving the retailer "blind" for the preferences of their customers.

New technological innovations such as WonderStore allow us to collect relevant information from our shop visitors. Think about data points such as customer age and gender. Combined with smart data analytics and machine learning, this gives us the capability to really understand our customer’s behaviour and give him/her the best offers and service.


  • Jeroen Kloosterman: Business Development Manager - Business Analytics and Big Data @Oracle Digital

  • Reinier Van Kleij: Products & Alliances @WonderStore

  • Terry Lanfranco Murgia: WonderStore Product Owner @WonderStore

  • Ana Capucho: EMEA Business Development Manager - Big Data & Analytics @Oracle

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