Turin Airport uses WonderStore to increase revenue

Airport managers worldwide are reconfiguring space to facilitate better retail experiences for travelers. With the uptick in air travelers and an average wait time of 90 minutes between airport security and boarding, managers are motivated to cater to this captive audience of potential shoppers. With the aid of WonderStore, Turi airport used data analytics to attract luxury brands to their shopping corridors, and increased their revenue from retail operations.

Create visitor personas Using strategically placed visual sensors, WonderStore gathered and analyzed metrics to create common customer personas.

Target select brands Airport operators used data intelligence to reimagine and renegotiate their retail strategy and lease agreements.

Forecast demand Using third-party trend analysis, machine learning and predictive analytics,

we created customer segments and forecasted demand

Generate revenue By attracting store brands according to visitor profiles,

the airport significantly increased their commercial revenue.

Find out how easy it is to adopt the WonderStore platform:

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