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Create customized

in-store experience

with AI


Engage mirror

What about customizing your in-store content according to your customers’ category?

Or providing each customer with information, messages and recommendations most suited to their characteristics?

"A personal and engaging experience"

Would you like to convey different content in different corners of your store?

For the store:

It acquires visitors’

demographic data.

In-store analytics.

Option to offer each visitor ad-hoc contents.

For the visitor:

Engaging experience.

Recommendations of

related products.

Top safety.

More speed and wider choice of items.


Customized contents

WEngage manages monitors and displays customized multimedia contents based on the demographic data of the person who’s watching.

For instance, a woman between 25 and 30 years of age will receive different messages from those shown to a 40-50 year old man.

Related and recommended products

WEngage recommends products appealing to a person’s tastes. The suggestion of related products can also be activated based on previous purchasing habits.


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