Magic virtual

experience for your customers

" Powered by AlgoFace"


.age   20 - 25
.no glasses


Collection of key business
KPIs for your brand


It is a combined solution of computer vision,
AR and magic mirror installation to try cosmetics virtually
without any contact and at the same time collect
data on users’ habits.

It’s able to simulate every makeup brand

Contactless, no hygiene concerns

Real-time recommendations to increase sales

Collects customer data

Total self service: the customer must not be followed by the shop assistants


Infinite combination of
virtual makeup

" Powered by AlgoFace"

WMakeup allows shoppers to virtually try on color
cosmetics from their personal devices or in-store without unboxing any physical products.

WMake-up adapts to every type of face,

to every skin tone, age, gender.
An infinite catalog of products can be tried to make the right purchase choice!

During the virtual make-up  experience

we profile the user and create personas:
gender, age, emotion data, made-up eyes,
made-up mouth, complete make up,
type of glasses, ethnicity...



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