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Tailor solution

for customized data

Virtual Tailor

Made to measure is a service of the major

fashion luxury brands.

It is an experience between the customer and the tailor, a process of hands, passion and skill that will take around 21 days from taking measurements to delivery.

In this period of contact limitation WSizing can help brands tailors to take measurements without any contact.

But not only. WSizing is able in only 2 minutes to extract more than 60 body measurements, the same time for a tailor to take only one.

> Fast and precise way without any physical contact

New Add-on, fast and precise

With our solution the Brands can achieve more data and reduce effort in measuring his customers. In this way the customer experience on taking measurements will be fast and the extracted data will be more precise.

The measurement process can be re-iterate during new customer visit for updating fast the new body measurement.
The tailor will have all measurements always updated available in an App and shareable among all stores of the Brand.

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